[#UBookish]: Author JaQuavis Coleman Releases New Book and Announces November Book Drop

Author JaQuavis Coleman has released a new book to the urban lit streets. Read about his new book, The Streets Have No Queen, plus more about his next book dropping in November!

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The Streets Have No Queen by [Coleman, JaQuavis]

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As a painter travels the world and creates his art, he also mourns the death of his Queen, his wife. He is secluded from the world and finds an escape through the drawings in his work. Not until he gets an unexpected knock at his door does his life take a drastic turn. The guest presents a problem that traps them inside of a home for 72 hours and this quiet suburban estate, becomes the devil’s playground. The painter is then thrown into a psychological game that has twist and turns, which leads to an unforeseeable last page. This thrilling, plot twisting tale will change your views on storytelling forever.

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Coleman also announced on Twitter that he will be releasing back to back projects this year.

Look out for his next release Cubana, a new stand alone slated for November 2019.

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Image of Cubana  (11/28/19 Pre-Order)

A man’s quest to escape his past life is an uphill battle. After seeking a Cuban voodoo doctor to receive a spiritual advantage on his upcoming court case, Saint opens up Pandora’s box. The Santeria voodoo seemed to work, but at what cost?

His dangerous visit to Cuba came with much more than he anticipated. He entered an underground secret society of high stakes gambling. He also gets tangled in a web of heinous crimes, money games, and backstabbing. He is torn between a woman he met in Cuba and his wife at home, which leads to an intricate plan which threatens his freedom and everything that he worked hard for. Lines are crossed, both internationally and morally. This well thought out, dark plot is an urban love story with an unforgettable conclusion.

Watch the Cubana book trailer posted on JaQuavis Coleman’s Facebook page below.

Make sure you get your copy of The Streets Have No Queen #TSHNQ, and don’t forget to pre-order your copy of Cubana.


JaQuavis Coleman also recently did an interview with comedian TK Kirkland. Catch up with Coleman on the TK Kirkland Show podcast and listen below.

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