[#UBookish]: ReShonda Tate Billingsley Celebrates her 50th Birthday & Releases her 50th Book

Brown Girls Books co-founder and author ReShonda Tate Billingsley celebrated her 50th birthday with the release of her 50th book, More to Life.

Bestselling author recently released her 50th book, More to Life. Her new release is the sequel to her debut novel, My Brother’s Keeper. ReShonda celebrated the release of her 50th book coinciding with her 50th birthday with a photoshoot and a birthday party that looked pretty LIT based off the pictures shared on social media. Just search the hashtag #50years50books to see what I mean!

Read what ReShonda had to say about her 50th book and birthday via her Facebook page.

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Freshly forty-five, Aja James knows that her life is good, complete with a loving, wealthy husband, well-adjusted children, and a beautiful home. Yet the truth is, she feels painfully unfulfilled, stuck in the present, haunted by a painful past. When a friend suggests a girls’ trip to a tropical paradise, Aja hopes a change of scene will also change her perspective.

On vacation, filled with fun and freedom, Aja is relieved to find her spirits lifting. But her good time also shines a light on what’s troubling her: from her siblings to her husband and kids, she’s spent nearly her whole life taking care of everyone—except herself. She’s lost her spark. She’s lost her identity. 

Desperate to turn things around, Aja makes an impulsive decision—one that outrages her family and stuns her friends. But it may also be her wisest choice. Because it’s only through learning what she could lose—and what’s truly worth keeping—that Aja can transform this temporary fix into real, lasting happiness. Click here to get your copy.

Click here to read Publisher Weekly’s interview with ReShonda Tate Billingsley and don’t forget to support the release of her 50th book!

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