[#UBookish]: Grab Your Exclusive Early Release of Ashley Antoinette’s Ethic 5

The new Ethic series by Ashley Antoinette has been the biggest Urban Fiction series of the year. Ashley Antoinette has kept her Ash Army on pins and needles after each release in the series.

Earlier this month Ashley Antoinette had an exclusive release of the latest book in the Ethic series, Ethic 5, at BDonnas clothing store in Dallas. With a release date of July 15, 2019, Ashley Antoinette surprised all of her fans with an early release of Ethic 5. She gave us this jewel one month in advance!

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Ethic 5 by [Antoinette, Ashley]

Life has never been easy for Ethic. Since he was a young boy he has battled loss after loss while struggling to navigate through a treacherous world. When he met Alani Lenika Hill he knew that he had met the woman who would love him back to life. They have weathered a storm together and their love is so fated that neither want to let it go, but it seems their bubble of happiness is an illusion because life around them is falling apart. 

When Morgan Atkins attempts suicide, their bliss is shattered. So much is on the line. So many things hang in the balance as Morgan fights for her life. Her broken heart has led her to this, but if she dies, the soul of Ethic’s family will be buried with her. In this heart pounding series fans have been written into a world of love, lust, anger, sadness, joy, gate and most of all growth.

Hold on tight for another installment of this epic love story told in such a poignant way that it’s hard to distinguish the real world from the one in your head. Welcome back to the Ethic Effect. Click here to get your copy!

Get caught up on this bestselling series today!


Catch up with Ashley Antoinette as she discusses the Ethic series with radio personality Angela Yee, at Aspire-Con in October.

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