[#UBookish]: Actress Halle Berry is Book Bae & She has the Hashtag to Prove It!

We love when our favorite celebrities post pictures of the books they’re reading, and pics of them enjoying books. We came across one pic of Halle Berry reading a book, and stumbled into a whole hashtag, #HBBooksFromBed.

Halle Berry’s Instagram gives us a peek into her life, as well as a peek at the books that she is currently reading. If you scroll through Halle Berry’s IG you will see dozens of pictures with her posing with books that she’s currently reading or has read. She even uses the tag #HBBooksFromBed, since all her book pics are taken in the bed! This makes her a certified “Book Bae”.

Keep scrolling to take a peek at some of the lit pictures posted on Halle’s IG page.

(All pictures found via Halle Berry's Instagram)

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