[#UBookish]: Get Curated Urban Fiction Book Lists in Our Amazon Store

Happy new year book baes!! 2019 is here and we are excited for all of the upcoming releases and bookish events happening this year.

For our first post of the year, we’re giving you a way to stay up to date on new and old book releases in Urban Fiction, African-American Fiction, African-American Non-Fiction, and Books for the Culture. Urban Bookish now has a page on Amazon where you can browse various lists of new and old books that have been released in your favorite literary genre.

We’ve compiled and curated several book lists across the African American Literary genre. You can find lists like, Books Coming Soon, Urban Fiction Book Series, Books by Black Celebs, Urban Fiction Literary Classics, and more!

Keep scrolling to see some of the lists that are found on our Urban Bookish Amazon page.

If you’re looking for a new book to read, or curious about newly released books, head over to our Urban Bookish Amazon page, to scroll through our curated book lists. We’re always updating and adding new lists. Be sure to check us out!

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