[#NEWBOOKALERT]: Must Read April New Releases in Urban Fiction/African-American Fiction

Some of our faves are gearing up to release some spring heat. Check out these Urban Fiction and African-American Fiction books that were released in March and in April 2018.

We’ve already heard Ethic, by Ashley Antoinette was fire and you know Eric Jerome Dickey always brings it with his books! Check out the list below.


Bad Men and Wicked Women By Eric Jerome Dickey 

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Affairs of the heart can be lethal in New York Timesbestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey’s latest sensual, thrilling novel.

As a low-level enforcer in Los Angeles, Ken Swift knows danger, but nowhere does he feel it more than in his tangled romances. Divorced from one woman, in love with another, and wrestling with a strong desire to get to know a third, his life is far from perfect, and it becomes all the more complicated when his troubled daughter resurfaces on the same day as a major job. Margaux is pregnant, bitter, and desperate: she needs $50,000 immediately, and she isn’t above blackmailing Ken to get it. Yet even as the tension-filled father/daughter reunion escalates into a clashing of wills and desires that spread far beyond their family, Ken’s latest contract spirals quickly out of control, and he finds it is not only his daughter looking to seek revenge.

With the strong characters, heart-pounding action, and intense passion he is known for, New York Times bestseller Eric Jerome Dickey lays bare a tale of lust and angst that will leave readers breathless.


Ethic By Ashley Antoinette

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Ethic has power, but love has always been evasive. After ordering the hit that mistakenly killed the love of his life, Ethic is haunted with guilt and he refuses to love again. Focused on being a better man and keeping his family safe, he is raising three children, one of which is a defiant teenaged girl, Morgan. No matter how hard he tries to keep Morgan away from the streets, she is determined to defy him. When Morgan finds herself in a vulnerable position, Ethic is pulled back into the deadly game where he was once king. In this explosive spin-off to Ashley Antoinette’s, Moth to a Flame, you will fall in love with Ezra Okafor aka Ethic as he gambles on love and in the streets, in hopes that this time he will win.


Plain Jane 2 By Tamika Newhouse

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Who’s the predator? Just when she thought that she played the game well, the game began to play her. Jealousy is an emotion that is foreign to Joycyln. When discovering her protégé, Silk, has taken a liking to Natalie in more ways than one, she vows to put a stop to it. What could break up the two lovers? Kenneth, Natalie’s estranged husband. Battling demons from her past, backstabbers in her present, and an uncertain future, Natalie is struggling to keep her world together. Becoming a power player in this devious game of forbidden sex, love, scandal, Miss Plain Jane is now a scandalous version of her former self. Who’s the prey? The follow up to Plain Jane gets steamier and the quest to claim one person; Natalie, heats up. Will Natalie fall blind to the three people in her life vying for her attention? The prize is Natalie; who’s going to win? Is it her new best friend, who holds a secret desire for her, her newest flame, who is part of a devious plan, or her estranged husband, who now wants her back?


Collusion By De’Nesha Diamond (4/24)

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In D.C.’s cutthroat political arena, revenge is the ultimate nuclear option . . .
Framed for a high-profile murder, Abrianna Parker finds herself hurtling down a conspiracy rabbit hole in a desperate attempt to clear her name. Her only way out is to go after the most powerful man in the country. But the powers that be play dirty—and expose her billionaire adoptive father, Cargill Parker, and his criminal activity.

With charges of collusion swirling on Capitol Hill, police and Federal agencies force Abrianna off the grid. But she’s not alone. By her side is ex-con turned private investigator Kadir Kahlifa, a man as seductive as he is dangerous. While battling a fiery passion, they team up with their band of street rebels and digital revolutionaries to burn through deception and spin to uncover the truth before it costs more innocent lives—mainly their own.

DOA KSDead on Arrival By Kiki Swinson (4/24)

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Nobody will get hurt
Dawn and Reese Spencer just can’t get ahead. Between her desperate desire to start a family  and his gambling debts, they barely keep afloat, even with well-paying Norfolk International port jobs. But their calculating co-worker has the perfect plan: help him smuggle containers of precious, illegal—human—cargo past U.S. Customs.

Nobody will know
For Dawn, risking the innocent lives of undocumented immigrants is unthinkable. But Reese persuades her that no one will get hurt. And once things proceed without a hitch and a fortune starts rolling in, the Spencers are sure their dreams are about to come true . . .

Nobody will live to tell 
Until several immigrants turn up dead on arrival. Until Reese bets more than he can ever repay. Now the Feds and cold-blooded loan sharks are closing in . . . as the real brains behind the operation start killing off loose ends. And between love, lies, and revenge, it’s every betrayer for themselves—no matter how lethal the cost.

Be sure to check out some of these books, and don’t forget to check out our New Books Coming Soon page to stay updated on new releases.

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