[#UBookish]: Daaimah S. Poole Discusses New Book, Hosts Giveaway and More!

If you are a fan of Daaimah S. Poole, then you will not want to miss the Facebook Live Discussion happening this Friday night.


Poole will be discussing her latest novel His Last Name, and her A Rich Man’s Baby, series, tonight on her Facebook page.



Tonight at 7:00 p.m. (est), Daaimah S. Poole will be discussing a couple of her bestselling series and her newest release His Last Name.



In addition to discussing her novels, Poole will be sharing book writing tips, prizes and giveaways.

If you happen to miss the discussion and want to catch up with Daaimah S. Poole, listen to the podcast she did on Diamond’s World Literary Podcast earlier this month. We posted the link below.



Click here to listen to the podcast.


Be sure to grab your copy of His Last Name, and any other books by Daaimah S. Poole that you haven’t read yet.


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