[#UBookish]: Check Out These 5 Urban Fiction Authors that Write Under Multiple Pen Names

Did you know that there are a few authors in the Urban Fiction genre that write books outside of the genre, under different names. These authors have the power to write like two different authors. This makes for a great read!

Check out the authors that write under two pen names, and don’t forget to grab copies of their books.



Mary B. Morrison is one Urban Fiction author that writes under another pen name. Mary B. Morrison also writes books under Honey B. Honey B. has more of an erotica type swag., over the urban fiction Mary B. Morrison books.  Check out Single Husbands, Married on Mondays, and more under Honey B. The books are juicy!  Search your local library for books under both names.


Author Naomi Chase is another author that writes under two names. She actually writes more of her mainstream novels under the name of Maureen Smith. Smith pens many romance novels.


We love the Exposed series by Naomi Chase, and it is by that pen name that we list her as one of our Urban Fiction authors to read. Check out her Urban Fiction novels under the name Naomi Chase, and her mainstream Romance novels Maureen Smith.


Tu-Shonda Whitaker also writes under another name. You can catch some of her other novels under the name Risque. Tu-Shonda also writes teen urban fiction under the name Ni-Ni Simone.


Risque writes erotica fiction, and Tu-Shonda Whitaker writes urban fiction.

Grab books by this author today!



Niobia Bryant is another author that has mastered the art of writing under multiple names. Bryant writes Romance novels under her name. She puts out some of the best Urban Fiction/ Hood books under Meesha Mink. Her Queen series under Meesha Mink is her latest release in Urban Fiction. Bryant also writes YA Urban Fiction under the name Simone Bryant.



Also check out the Mistress series under Niobia Bryant!

Romance author Adrianne Byrd, takes the cake on writing  under different monikers. She writes under 4 pen names! Get into her different writing styles!


Adrianne Byrd has won numerous awards for her romance novels. We especially love her urban fiction books under De’Nesha Diamond. The King series, is one of the best hood series in the urban fiction genre! We were also surprised to see that she wrote one of our favorite books The Liar’s Clubunder the name Layla Jordan. We’ve been waiting for another book from Layla Jordan! We can’t forget to mention, that she also writes teen fiction under the name A. J. Byrd.



Check out books from all these different authors!

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