[#UBookish]: 5 Coffee Table Books by Black Celebs you Need for the Crib

Do you find yourself using your books as home decor? Whether your books are displayed on bookshelves, in your bedroom or in the bathroom, sometimes its good to have a few books on the table for your company.


Some of these coffee table books (#CTB) are hard to come by and kind of on the pricey side. Here’s a list of 5 coffee table books by black celebs, that are sure conversation starters for your guests or for your own personal pleasure!



Rapper T.I. announced a few years that he was releasing a #CTB. The Book of Kings Vol. 1, will feature pictures of rappers on their artistic journey as well as artwork from different artists. Although this book doesn’t have a release date, follow the Akoo Facebook page for more updates.



Kanye West has a coffee table book that chronicles his 2009 Glow In the Dark Tour. Glow in the Dark, by Kanye West is currently out of stock on Amazon. Be ready to shell out $50 bucks for this book when there’s more in stock.



Model Naomi Campbell released her #CTB a few months back. This self-titled, two volume book set feature numerous photos of the beautiful model. Before you get too excited though, this one’s gonna cost you $1750!!! (No typo). We’ll pass on this one, but if you got the coins, this book is currently on sale.



Rihanna came out with a coffee table book, a few years ago. Released in 2009 this book chronicles the promotional campaign and tour for Rihanna’s fourth album, Rated R. This book can currently be purchased on Amazon.



This one is for all my Beyoncé fans!! Jay-Z and Beyonce have a coffee table book chronicling their On the Run Tour. Mason Poole, an official photographer from the On the Run Tour compiled great pics from the tour. This book is a great keepsake for any fan.

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