[#UBookish]: Celebrity Memoirs to Read Now

Celebrities have been known for sharing the details of their lives through memoirs. Here’s a list of memoirs by black celebs that have been keeping the black literary streets talking.


This list of memoirs, includes memoirs out now and a few coming soon. Check out the list below:



Bobby Brown has released a memoir that has had the internet buzzing. From cooking with crack, sleeping with ghost, and Whitney tales, see what everyone is talking about, and go grab Every Little Step: My Story.


Did you know that Timbaland released a memoir. We know that Timbaland has been a force in the record industry. To get a deeper look inside his life, check out, The Emperor of Sound: A Memoir.



We’ve been hearing Angie Martinez’s voice on the radio for years. Get into her new memoir, with a special forward from rapper J. Cole. Check out the New York Time Bestselling Book, My Voice: A Memoir.



LA Reid released a memoir that had all the literary music heads diving into, to learn the secrets of the game. To be inspired, read the amazing story of LA Reid in, Sing to Me: My Story of Making Music, Finding Magic and Searching for Who’s Next.



Toni Braxton rounds out our list of memoirs to read by black celebs. Although this is a memoir pre-Birdman, Toni drops jewels and insight into her life. Titled after one of her greatest hits, read Unbreak My Heart: A Memoir.




A few of your favorite celebrities, have announced that they are releasing memoirs later this year, and in 2017. Look out for books from Lil Wayne, Kevin Hart, and Taraji P. Henson. The rumor mill is even reporting that Frank Ocean has a book coming as well. We’ll keep our ears open, but in the mean time check out these great books!





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